The official honor

The President of the Republic, head of the Order Emeritus of the Italian Republic, in consideration of particular merits, after hearing the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, on the proposal of the President of the Council of Ministers, with Decree on: June 6, 1954 , conferred the official honor to Mr. Ulderico Moretti Industriale; with the right to use the signs of this class. The Chancellor of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic is in charge of the execution of this Decree which will be registered at the Chancery of the Order of the same.

Signed: L.Einaudi Countersigned: Scelba

The Chancellor of the Order declares that in execution of the Presidential dispositions Mr. Ulrich Moretti was entered in the list of officers (Naz) at No. 6148 Series 1

An old business cards of the Ulderico Moretti’s company

Aerial view of the "Ulderico Moretti & C." plants in the island of Murano

In a rare aerial image, you can see the plants of the “Ulderico Moretti & C.” with the white writing on the roofs of the same, as was used at the time.

In red the perimeters of the warehouses that housed the kilns, the warehouses and the offices. On the other side of the canal, the family home.

An official thank you from the members and the workers

To the worthy heir of a lineage that, to the revived Glass Art, has incessantly produced itself.

Ulderico Moretti, a tireless advocate in the clear and serene days of the Murano tradition and his intelligent evolution so as to conquer the family and the beloved island – together with the well-being of a just fortune – a new title of merit in the broader field of industry national, it is here consecrated by the brothers Pietro and Vincenzo and by the cousins Germano and Mario the affectionate admiration and the perennial gratitude of those who have the privilege of working alongside him.

From the island of Murano, November, 30, 1950

The renewed lighting of the porticoes of Piazza San Marco

We are at the beginning of the 30s: in an area of 25000 square meters, the “Ulderico Moretti & C” produces tons of materials ranging from blue venturina to the perforated barrel for “conterie” (local name of the pearls, sold to others factories of the island), to the light diffuser globes that are also supplied to the railways for passenger wagons and to the restaurant of Milan Central Station.
Later the order of the City of Venice arrives for a prestigious assignment: the entire lighting of San Marco Square with the globes of glass “pulegoso” (a slightly colored specialty) These will be placed under the arcades in place of the previous cast iron lights.

Meeting for cineamatories held in Ca 'Moretti in 1956

Blue glass cup with various cinematic-themed engravings, realized on the occasion of a meeting for cineamatories held in Ca ‘Moretti in 1956 (Giusy Moretti’s private collection)

From newspapers and from fellow citizens on the occasion of the death of Vincenzo Moretti (12.06.1901)

Vintage bowl depicting some of the most beautiful portraits made by Moretti Glass Masters - (Private collection)