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The Childhood

A Giusy child lends itself to some nice shots in front of the camera …

The residence on the mainland ...

The villa of Valdobbiadene (TV) bought by Ulderico Moretti at the outbreak of the Second World War: immersed in the green of the vineyards will represent for many years the ideal place to transfer the family. In fact, Murano and its factories became an unsafe place in those years under the threat of bombing.

First trip from Venice to Rome ...

Pills of history:

What a thrill to find this photo dating back to around 1920!
I remember now that my father Ulderico Moretti – represented together with my mother and some uncles – told me that they had left for a trip from Venice to Rome with their new car, one of the very first models of the time (note the particularity of the “single headlight “) during which they met just single other car going in the opposite direction!