From the collaboration between Giusy Moretti and the writer Ivo Prandin, after more than a year of preparation, is published the Book
“The Force of Fragility”

Crossed lives between art and industry.
– From Murano to Europe, the story of Ulderico Moretti told by her daughter –

  • “Vivacious personality, gifted with an instinctive sensitivity for all that is interesting in the artisanal arts and, above all, original. Giusy Moretti knew how to express in her objects, the deep love for a Murano technique, the murrina, which constituted the main passion of a versatile and genial glass technician, Ulderico Moretti.”

    Rosa Barovier Mentasti

  • “This is a story of crossed lives which pass through the heat of the ovens; sometimes fire helps to die and to be reborn to a new life. Sometimes, our roots can be made of glass; they can be opaque or iridescent, subtle like hair or as thick as a trunk; they can be smooth or cutting, rough or contorted; even bizarre and unforeseeable in the direction they will take.”

           Alberto Toso Fei

  • “The purity of the object and its expressive subjectivity is, then, exalted by the precious frame and by the renewed aesthetic role which Giusy Moretty instills upon it, without denaturalising its natural beauty, on the contrary, highlighting it even more and thus demonstrating, if that was still necessary, that the perfection of forms and colours can suggest solutions which are aesthetically balanced.”

    Chiara Squarcina

  • “With great design sensitivity, which comes, evidently, from her family’s tradition and which has, therefore, very deep roots, Giusy has designed and realised with the Moretti murrine a splendid and absolutely inedited jewels collection.”

    Dr. Attilia Dorigato

The volume, whose publication is available in Italian and in English, is presented at Palazzo da Mula in Murano with interventions as well as by the same authors, by Dr. Chiara Squarcina, curator of the Murano Glass Museum and Rosa Barovier Mentasti, historical glass and author of numerous publications on historical glass and the journalist Vittorio Pierobon

A special thanks the editor “El Squero” for the demanding work done during all the phases of the book’s production.

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“The Force of Fragility”
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