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The art of Giusy Moretti tells the unique collection of ancient murrine handed down from his family.


Giusy Moretti’s jewels are real limited editions: she uses only extremely rare and irreproducible Murrine, created between 1870 and 1924, by her ancestors master glassmakers

The History

The Moretti dynasty has really made the history, innovating it, of the Venetian artistic murrine and Giusy celebrates the tradition making it live a new, splendid life.

© Alberto Bevilacqua - Venezia

Giusy Moretti

I created a collection of jewelry dictated more by feeling than by reason. The memory, the strong emotions and the passion for glass transmitted to me by my father Ulderico Moretti inspired me.

That same passion that, in the 70s of the nineteenth century, brought my great-grandfather, Vincenzo Moretti, to reproduce the technique of murrino glass.